DEEP SHIT : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

DEEP SHIT - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

1. aretha franklin – jump to it (prince klassen young professional re-edit)
2. linkwood – taken me over
3. fabio gianelli – grenouille
4. andrea di rocco & mr. smiley guy – rolling mood
5. n.y. house’n authority – apt 1a (nicholas witness remix)
6. kerri chandler – hallelujah (kaoz club mix)
7. ripperton – let’s hope (bicep remix)
8. nice7 – back to 90
9. evren ulusoy – dearly devoted (gorge’s classic remix)
10. bobby womack – love is gonna lift you up (julio bashmore remix)
11. jordan – love you more
12. mongolian jetset – smells like gasoline
13. rory philips – cosmic fluff
14. ame – enoi (ame live version)
15. ny stomp – the ny house trak
16. kevin saunderson – future ft. inner city (kenny larkin tension mix)
17. levon vincent – impressions of a rainstorm
18. ed congreave – heal (redux)

DEEP SHIT = Jack Savidge of FRIENDLY FIRES + Edwin Congreave of FOALS
iTunes Store : Friendly FiresFoals
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Thx. to Jeremy

AVANT-AVANT : Brumes Tropicales

Avant-Avant - Brumes Tropicales (for Le Musicassette) (2012)

Pluie En Forêt Mont St Hilaire – Bernard Fort
Iceland (Part 1) – Richard Pinhas
Improvisos na Batucada – Escola de Samba da Cidade
Infatuation – Bronski Beat
Abandoned Gates – Crystal Hell Pool
Grandes Orgues – I:Cube
Field Of Tears – Runes Order
War of the Worlds – Cravach
Pillz (Party Trash Cut) – Gucci Mane
Flicker – Hanetration
Improvisos na Batucada – Escola de Samba da Cidade
Exotique – Roland Bocque
Apathy – Art Crime
Beat Reading Detroit – Society Of Silence
Ritual – Bernard Szajner
Shake – Cowboy Rhythmbox
Bronchusevenmx24 – Autechre
Ritmo de Macumba – Escola de Samba da Cidade
The Riot (PB Edit) – Barry De Vorzon & Perry Botkin Jr.
Iceland (Part 3) – Richard Pinhas
Crackboy – Krikor and The Dead Hillbillies
Winona Master – Verb Gang
Safari – Lee Jones
Jurassic – Hanetration
The Purple Brain Theme – Purple Brain
Masikulu Dub – Mark Ernestus vs Konono N°1
Mystery – Sermonizer
Flight – Ndikho Xaba

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Thanks to Jean-François Goyette

CRAME : Magali Mix for Le Musicassette

Crame - Magali Mix (for Le Musicassette) (2012)

Magali ou la découverte de l’amour pour lui-même

« Red is the color of a lot of lollipops; Orange is any orange on a tree. »
« A bientôt mon petit agneau. »
« Ce sont les bergers et les bergères. (…) Le jour les a réveillés et ils viennent prendre leur part de la fête de la nature. (…) Ils dansent. »
« Teach me, Mummy, how to grow, how to catch someone’s fancy underneath the twisted oak grove. »
« Elle ne dit rien. Elle passa la langue sur ses doigts écarquillés sans cesser de le regarder. »
« All you got to do is call. Got so much love to give. »
« And his dancing rebelrace / That compose ahead of timeless time / A sound inside my candle light. »
« In between, what I find is pleasing and I’m feeling fine. Love is so confusing: there’s no peace of mind. »
Le coeur blanc. La paix.
« I caught the darkness. I was drinking from your cup. »
« با هم دوباره طعم تنهایی چشيديم (Again, both of us felt the loneliness.) »
« Nothing can take us apart as long as we share love for the sake of love. »
La découverte de l’amour pour lui-même.


Nina Simone – Beautiful Land
François de Roubaix / Bourvil – Petit Agneau
Beethoven – La Symphonie pastorale (livre-disque)
Francis Lai – Thème de Catherine
PJ Harvey – Grow Grow Grow
Vladimir Nabokov – Ada ou l’Ardeur
Gloria Jones – Share my Love
Nico – The Falconer
Do Make Say Think – The Landlord is Dead
Blondie -vs- Philip Glass – Heart of Glass (Daftbeatles mash-up)
Syracuse – Surface of Revolution
Leonard Cohen – Darkness
Googoosh – Talagh
Claudja Barry – Love for the Sake of Love

Crame on SoundCloud & Facebook
Illustration : Hervé Lassïnce

OLAF HUND : « Hip No Hop » Mix

Olaf Hund - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

Cypress Hill, Make a move
Dope D.O.D., What happened
Suprême NTM, Plus Jamais Ça
Die Antwoord, Rich Bitch
Olaf Hund, Lovin’ The Darkness
Milez Benjiman, Chop That Wood
Alaclair Ensemble, Alaclair
Simian Mobile Disco, I Believe
These New Puritans, Three Thousand
Olaf Hund, Psycho Killer
Talking Heads, Memories Can’t Wait
Amerigo Gazaway (Fela Kuti & De La Soul), Breakadawn
The Parcyde, Pandemonium

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YAN WAGNER : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

Yan Wagner - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

Angelo Badalamenti – Mulholland Drive
Signal Deluxe feat. Romy Ker – Demon Hipster (Madato Remix)
Daniel Maloso – Shera
Severed Heads – Hot With Fleas
I:Cube – HNT
Daniel Bell – Losing Control (Remastered)
Gin Sling – Terez on Claire
Yan Wagner – Forty Eight Hours (Heinrich Mueller Apeture Synthesis Remodel)
The Populists – Opale Part 1 (CD-R)
808 State – Pacific State

Yan Wagner sur Facebook & iTunes Store
Crédit Photo : Marie Athénaïs
Yan Wagner et Black Strobe seront les invités de Laurence Pierre, ce soir sur France Inter, de 23h15 à 00h00, dans Addictions.


FAREWELL FUCKERS - Goodbye Mix (2012)

Intro : audioclip from the movie « Braveheart »
Skeletal Family – Alone She cries
The Eye of Madness
Red Crayola – Vile Vile Grass
Spits – No Place to live
X-Ray Eyeballs – Sundae
Protex – Don’t ring me up
Nirvana – Son of a Gun
Black Tambourine – I want you around
Fergus & Geronimo – Earthling Men
The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
Ty Segall Band – I bought my eyes
Jay Reatard – My Reality
The Clean – Point that thing somewhere else
Splashh – Feels like you
Dame Blanche – Summer Song
Bass Drum of Death – I dunno
Bush Tetras – Too many Creeps
New York Dolls – Chatterbox
Youth Avoiders – Red Eyes
Outro : audioclip from the movie « Jaws »


unhappybirthday - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

It’s September again, autumn is coming. Here’s the soundtrack. Some rainy music for rainy hearts.
Cluster & Eno – Schöne Hände
The Flamingos – This Heat
Sean Ruse – In My Pants
Cute Boy Kissing Booth – The First Snow Of The Year
Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend
Carol – So Low
Robert Görl – Mit Dir (Extended)
Tracey Thorn – Small Town Girl
Blancmange – Holiday Camp
Summer Twins – Teardrops On My Pillow
Deux – Dance With Me
Beat Happening – In My Memory
Goblin – Patrick, Pt. 2
Costas Charitodiplomeonos – Lost In The Night (Instrumental)
unhappybirthday will play Frankfurt New Glam Underground Festival on Oct. 20, Berlin K17 as support of Tuxedomoon on Oct, 25 and Vienna Replugged (w/ Low Sea) on Nov. 8

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Baptiste & Pierre Colleu - Africa7 (2012)

Jean Bokelo – Camarade ya nooki
Orchestre Hi-Fives – l’Amour est aveugle
Youlou Mabiala – Ma vie, la vie
Orchestre Sinza – Julienne na ponton
Francis Bebey – Agatha
Solomon Manori & Chemaner Band – Chemabei Mbaret
Paul Ngozi – In The Ghetto
Ouza Et Ses Ouzettes – Djiaykat
Assane Mboup – Nate-Yi
Ndiogou Seck – Coow-li (lang)
Les Frères Guissé – Laram
El Hadj N’Diaye – Santi Alla
Aby Ngana Diop – Dieuleul-Dieuleul

The Sound of the Crowd Mixtape

David Shaw And The Beat - The Sound of the Crowd (2012)

Laid Back / Get Laid Back
The Goon Show / Angel Band
The Rimshooters / Deep Electric
App / All I Can Think About (Marc Houle Remix)
Bis / Shack Up
Marco Effe, James Mile / Slicked and Sliced feat C Layne
DAF / Rock Hoch
I-Wolf / Be My Light
Elbee Bad / Just Don’ Stop The Dance (Slok Remix)
Remote Feat. David Shaw / Billie Boy

David Shaw And The Beat on Facebook & SoundCloud
Her Majesty’s Ship

FAT SELECTOR : Recorded on Tape, A-Side

Fat Selector - What's New? (for Le Musicassette) (2012)

Pablo Fierro – Al Andalus (Monocles & Slezz Al Mix)
Sascha Dive – Underground Railroad (Willie Graff & Tuccillo Remix)
Kerri Chandler – Heaven (Kerri’s 6:23 Again Mix)
Agev Munsen & Roland Clark – That Thing About Deep (Munsen’s Main Mix)
Kyodai – Breaking (90s Dub)
Afefe Iku – The Blues
Sascha Dive – Summer Madness (Halo & Blakkat Surface Remix)
Kerri Chandler & Christopher McCray – Heaven (Original Raw Bassline Mix)
Rocco – Tumbadora (Dub)
Maurice Joshua Present B.Williams – I Can Be (Original)
Delano Smith – Odyssey (Original)

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FAT SELECTOR : Recorded on Tape, B-Side

Fat Selector - Old School Basics (for Le Musicassette) (2012)

Sly (Bonus Intro)
Basil – City Streets (Kerri’s Dub)
Kenny Dope – Jam The Mace
Moodymann – Answer Machine
KC Flight – Let’s Get Jazzy (Blaze Dope Dub)
Romanthony – Everybody Dancing (Untitled Mix 2)
Basil Hardaus 2 feat. Burrell – Make Me Dance (Hard For The DJ)
Lil-Louis – I Called U (Joe Clausell Long Version)
Jerome Sydenham – Deep Penetration (Jerome’s Demo Dub 2)
U-Roy And François K. – Rootsman

Fat Selector on Facebook, SoundCloud &


PULP DISCO AND THE OUTCASTS - Open Channel Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

Alex & Annie, les djettes et activistes musicales, proposent leur 1ère compilation baptisée « Florilège #1″ en vente chez colette et regroupant 10 titres inédits d’artistes qu’elles aiment. Parmi eux, les PULP DISCO AND THE OUTCASTS (Soundcloud) qui proposent ici un mix exclusif explosif.

Compilation « Florilège #1″ par Alex & Annie en vente chez Colette
Alex & Annie dj-sets au FOX / PARIS le 27 juillet et au Café Caché / le 104/ PARIS le 28 juillet
David Shaw & The Beat – ‘Infected’ (Mask Pask Remix)
Massimilano Pagliara – ‘In Order Of More Depth’
Lokier – ‘I Wanna Be Alone’
The Countach – ‘Freeze’
Jimmy Edgar – ‘Heartkey’
Tiger Stripes – ‘Dancer From The Dance’
Tennis ‘Make It Good’ (Larry Heard Dub Mix)
Moon Runner – ‘Cultural Track One’
Alexander Robotnik – ‘TB Maniac’
Mutant Beat Dance feat Naughty Wood – ‘Rotton Funk’
Annette – ‘Dream 17′ (Ivan Smagghe Edit)

JAMIE PATON : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

Jamie Paton (Cage & Aviary) - Treasure Hunting Promo Mix

01/ Feedback – Walk The Line (Rude 66 Remix)
02/ Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold – Camel Toe Central
03/ Kassem Mosse – Untitled B2
04/ Lady Blacktronika – Yes He’s Got
05/ Teeth of the Sea – Sentimental Journey (Cage & Aviary ‘Cid Remix)
06/ Max D – Slick
07/ The Thompson Twins – Beach Culture (Edit)
08/ Cowboy Rhythmbox – Shake
09/ Analysis – Surface Tension
10/ DBX – Phreak
11/ Krazy K – M&M Theme
12/ Murat Tepeli – Reeds Driftin’ On By
13/ Exaltics – One Circle (Edit)
14/ Omar S – My Naffew Randy

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Find Cage & Aviary on « Treasure Hunting »
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Thx. to Charlotte & Jamie

PINS : Nobdy Dies in Paris

PINS - Nobody Dies in Paris mix (2012)

Ty Segall – Lovely One
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Open Heart Surgery
Suicide – Keep Your Dreams
A Place to Bury Strangers – Missing You
Crystal Stilts – Prismatic Room
Strange boys – Me and You
Brown Brogues – Anyone but You
Wire – Heartbeat
The Kills – Blue Moon
Feel Right – If You’re Alive
Fear of Men – Ritual Confession
Crocodiles – Neon Jesus
Bass Drum of Death – Heart Attack Kid
Raveonettes – Heart of Stone
Veronica Falls – Beachy Head
Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch
Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes
PINS sera en concert à Paris au Café A / Maison de l’architecture le 13 Juillet avec BRNS et PEGASE et Cultural Behavior
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Good Old Boys - M.M. Club Mix (for Le Musicassette) (2012)

01 Deniz Kurtel with Voices Of Black – Thunder Clap
02 Caroline Loeb – Narcissique
03 Luna City Express – Mr Jack
04 Louderbach – Grance (Anxiety)
05 Marc Romboy & Blake Baxter – Muzik (KiNK remix)
06 Marco Carola – Into the Groove
07 Zod – Rise before Zod
08 The Chemical Brothers – Horse Power (Popof remix)
09 Gesaffelstein – Variations
10 Azealia Banks – 212
11 Jimmy Edgar – Let Yrself Be
12 Philip Bader – Good for Nothing
13 Alex Niggemann – Black Rose
14 Gaiser – Some Slip
15 Egbert – Open
16 Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I’m a wonderful thing baby

Good Old Boys on SoundCloud, Facebook & Myspace

APPALOOSA : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

Appaloosa - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

Appaloosa – Aube
Echö – Fleur Fatale
Brigitte Fontaine – L’engourdie
Kraftwerk – Radioaktivität
The Upsetters – Bird in Hand
Miles Davis – Backyard Ritual
X-103 – The Gardens
Rihanna – Drunk on Love
Anna Jantar – Nic nie może wiecznie trwać
Ussugdjung – ECOAHS 
Pola Negri – Wenn die Sonne hinter den Dächern versinkt
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Requiem in D Minor – Introiotus – Requiem Aeternam
PJ Harvey – Dear Darkness
Beastie Boys – I Don’t Know
Leadbelly – Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
Daft Punk – Make Love

Appaloosa sur Facebook, Tumblr, SoundCloud & iTunes Store
Find Appaloosa on Italians Do It Better, Kitsuné & Discotexas
Picture : Appaloosa by Alexandra Vogt

HARDROCK STRIKER : The Skylax Connection Mix

Hardrock Striker - The Skylax Connection Mix (2012)

1/ Carlos Nilmmns « Brooklyn walk tweeker » (Skylax tba)
2/ Jason Grove « I remember » (Wax Classic 3)
3/ Joe Drive « Black Shades » (Cosmic Club 13)
4/ Luv Jam « Acid Mouse » (Skylax 129)
5/ Jackmaster K « Sensation » (Skylax tba)
6/ Soul System (Nicholas) « Keep on giving » (Wax Classic 2)
7/ Nick Beringer « Trouble » (Wax Classic 4)
8/ Jason Grove « Definition » (Skylax tba)
9/ Rezkar « Won’t be long » (Skylax 129)
10/ Niko Marks « The love song » (SSR)
11/ Nick Beringer « Rooted » (Wax Classic 4)
12/ JMFG « The day » (Jmfg 1)
13/ Emotion II Emotion « I can’t help myself » (Wax Classic 6)
14/ Simoncino « Do it again » (Gene Hunt rmx) (Skylax 128)
15/ Mzkbx « Forget about » (Skylax 129)
16/ Quell « Nowhere forever » (Stay underground it pays tba)
17/ Jmfg « I can’t kick » (Jmfg 2)
18/ Jackmaster K « Time to jack » (Skylax tba)
19/ Jackmaster K – Skylax (Skylax tba)

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HTTP : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

HTTP - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

Jackee – a tribute
Koyote – Blowin’ My Mind
Future past – Jam packed
faxman – faxid
Sonic solution – music
Bintus – Advanced Fuel
anstam – Intuit
Ceephax – the celebrity
Greyhouse – New beat the house
koyote – peanut butter Complex ( with some pretty eyes )
Analord – Grumpy acid
Le matin – air vicié
dj stingray – serotonin
dj many – all i do is (smoke trees)
Le matin – marijuana africaine jamaïcaine
dj deeon – ass in the air
Visit HTTP’s website, follow them on Facebook, and book them to your party by email

Le BJORN : Till Now

Le Bjorn - Till Now (Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette) (2012)

Damon Albarn – Temptation Comes in the Afternoon
Joakim – Find a Way (Soul Clap Floating Mix)
Niki & the Dove – Love to the Test
Spiritualized – Lay Back in the Sun (Electric Mainline EP Version)
Pachanga Boys – We Can Rhyme
Hypnolove – Holiday Reverie
Robert Palmer – Woke Up Laughing (Jimi Bazzouka Extended Version)
Bee Gees – Still Waters Run Deep
Michel Houellebecq – Playa Blanca
ABBA – Sitting in the Palmtree
The Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers
New Order – Regret
Alicia Keys – Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)
Max Berlin – Elle et Moi (Joakim Remix)
Thugfucker – Disco Gnome
Kindness – House
Popchor Berlin – Out of Time
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CHROME SPARKS : Le Musicassette Dance Mix

Chrome Sparks - Le Musicassette Dance Mix (2012)

Fatima- Red Light
Cuthead- The Sinner
Mo Kolours- Mini Culcha (Beautiful Swimmers Remix)
Jim-E Stack- Lemme
Julio Bashmore- Battle For Middle You
Klic/Lokiboi- Won’t
Mosca- Done Me Wrong
Ill Blu- Dragon Pop
L-Vis 1990- Forever You (Dub
CDBL- I Need You (Kidnap Kid Remix)
123MRK- Noname
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GLASS FIGURE : Spring 2012 Mix

Glass Figure - Spring 2012 Mix (2012)

DOPPLEREFFEKT – Compactification
AUX 88 – Lost In Space
OXIA – Story
20 FINGERS – Boom I Fucked Your Boyfriend
KRAFTWERK – It’s More Fun To Compute
GLASS FIGURE – Modulate Your Love
L.A.M. – Toxic TV
Unknown? – Unknown?
•••DREXCIYA – Intro•••
SAVAS PASCALIDIS – Magic Orchestra
GEEEMAN – Bang’t
ARMANDO – 100% Of Disin’ You (Mike Dunn Mix)
KENNY K. COLLINS – Beat My House
LOGIC – Blues For You (Hard Dub)
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COLLATERAL : Spring Space Echoes

Collateral - Spring Space Echoes / A Seasonal Mix of Reverberated Music (2012)

The Cramps – I was a *failed* teenage werewolf
Anika – End of the world
Kill for total peace – Glassface
Contingence – Heart & Game
Desire – Don’t call
Reid – Miami
Siouxsie & the Banshees – melt!
Crystal Castles – Suffocation (Health remix)
Zomby – Natalia’s song (Collateral edit)
Bruce Springteen – State trooper (Trentemoller mix)
Barbed Wire – Dies irae fuse
jjg – Fly me up
The Present Moment – Loyal to a fault (vince clarke edit)
Richard Hawley – She brings the sunlight
Psychic Ills – another day another night
Teenage Filmstars – moon
Loop – rocket usa
Andie Oppenheimer – scorpions
Apparat – song of los
Femminielli – atlantida
Bearburger – with two mouths biting
Symmetry – streets of fire
Collateral – ctrl 5 (accoustic tape version)
Miharu Koshi – ave maria
Dans la langue d’Alan Vega, le mot « spring » désigne à la fois une saison (à bourgeonnements) et une reverb (à ressort). Ce mix printanier célèbre cette polysémie.
crédit photo : Julien Weber

COLLATERAL sur Facebook

CÂLIN : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

Câlin - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

1 – Oorutaichi – Futurelina
2 – Von Spar – Scotch & Chablis
3 – Robert Schroeder – Hello 1983
4 – Azari & III – Tunnel Vision
5 – Steve Moore – C Beams
6 – Audionom – Run Into Sun
7 – Mr Oizo & Gaspard Augé – Tricycle Express
8 – Wesley Matsell – Bernwerk
9 – Acid Washed – For your Eyes only
10 – Oppenheimer Analysis – Subterranean Desire
11 – Alixander III – XXI Century Girls
12 – Lazerhawk – Redline

Câlin is also in the new compilation Seriously, Eric? #4 by Alter K
available here. Feat Black Devil Disco Club, Legendary Tigerman, NZCA/LINES, Isaac Delusion, The Chap, Selebrities, Haight Ashbury, Alpine Decline, Câlin, Mi and l’Au…
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L’Amicale Underground

ALINE : Le Musicassette Mixtape

ALINE - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

Mister K – Tik Tok générique
Shop Assistants – All day long
Black Tambourine – Throw Aggi off the brigde
The field mice – fabulous friend
Miou-Miou – Chanson de Jonas
Anne Laplantine – Elle m’oubliera Aline’s cover
Aphex Twin – Fingerbib
Erik Satie – Pièce froide, danse n°2
John Maus – And the rain
Christophe – Je l’ai pas touché
The Wake – O Pamela
Stockholm Monsters – National Pastime
The Names – Nightshift
Indochine – Miss Paramount
Motorama – Warm Eyelids
Happy Mondays – Olive oil
Kirsty MacColl – New England
Gamine – Le voyage
The Pastels – If I could tell you
The Smiths – Well I wonder
Pierre Bachelet – « Coup de tête » Main thème

EP 4 titres à paraître le 14 mai. Concert à la Maroquinerie le 11 juin.

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PREMIER RANG : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

Premier Rang - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

Vice Versa – Camille
Gold Zebra – Away Pt.1
Terror Bird – Secret Rituals
Slow Club – Two Cousins
Terror Bird – She Kissed Me
Several Symptoms – Stylist
Cosmetics – The Cries (Demo)
Dunwich – Dear Paul (Demo)
Speedmyspeed VS Dating Robots – Crying Lies
Vive La Fête – Poursuite
Farah – Law Of Life
Broadcast – Tender Buttons
I Break Horses – Hearts

Premier Rang on SoundCloud
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SIR ALICE : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

Sir Alice - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

Fauli – ‘Speed’
Residents – ‘Knife fight’
White & Sticky – ‘Sex is shame’
Mickel Nyman – ‘Birds anthem’
Maestro – ‘Devils’
Tonetta – ‘Dominate’
Laid Back – ‘White Horse’
Plastikman – ‘Ping Pong’
Extrait de ‘The Killing of a Chinese Bookie’ (Cassavetes)
Christopher Cross – ‘Sailing’
Sir Alice – ‘Il ragno’ feat. Colin Ledoux
The Knife – ‘Pass this on’
Sir Alice – ‘Phantom’ from For the Birds
Extract of ‘Lola’ (Fassbinder)
Berio – Folk Songs

Sir Alice on Facebook & Vimeo
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Sir Alice will play live at La Maroquinerie on friday. FB event HERE

BROWN BROGUES : Lust and Vice on Stag Island Mixtape

Brown Brogues - Lux And Vice on Stag Island exclusive Mix for le Musicassette (2012)

Human Fly – The Cramps
Without MSG I am nothing – McLusky
Modern Art – Black Lips
My Shadow – Jay Retard
Get Found – Bass Drum of Death
False Jesii Part 2 – Pissed Jeans
Jawbone and the Air-rifle – The Fall
Your ass is next in line – The Mummies
Steady as she goes – Shellac
Making a Meal for Beethoven – That Fucking Tank
Lightning song – Queens of the stone age
Quadrospazzed – Thee Oh Sees
Assault on Precinct 13 – Zombie Zombie
Graveyards full – The Growlers
Vampire – Antsy Pants
Oh Mary – Ty Segal
Stampede – Scarlets
High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive – Pulled apart by Horses
We don’t go to Ravenholm – Castrovalva
Nightcall – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
Brown Brogues Mini French Tour
on Facebook
MAI 2012
Lundi 14 : RENNES – La Paillote (w/ Bazooka + Gay Anniversary) Facebook event
Mardi 15 : BORDEAUX – Café Pompier
Mercredi 16 : PARIS – La Mécanique Ondulatoire Facebook event
Jeudi 17 : NANTES – Le Violon Dingue (w/ Etiquette)
Vendredi 18 : TBA
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THE KDMS : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

The KDMS - "Kinky Dramas Podcast" (for Le Musicassette) (2012)

01. Summer Camp – Loosing My Mind (The KDMS Rmx)
02. Who Made Who – Keep Me In My Plane (The KDMS Rmx)
03. secret one
04. secret one
05. The KDMS – Wonderman (Instr)
06. secret one
07. secret one
08. Madonna – Give Me All Your Luvin (The KDMS Cover)
09. Box Codax – Seven Silvers (The KDMS Rmx)
10. The KDMS – Sugar Me (Instr)
11. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby (The KDMS Rmx)

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FLUOGLACIAL : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

FLUOGLACIAL - Fuck Kavinsky This is 1986 (2012)

WENDY CARLOS – Beauty in the beast
EXUMER – Fallen saint
DETENTE – Life is pain
CRO-MAGS – Hard times
#Humans are such easy prey#
EXORCIST – Black Mass
#Something’s coming#
POSSESSED – Phantasm
SEIZURE – Pain is pain is pain
CYCLONE – The call of steel
#I’m going to kiss you#
KREATOR – Riot of violence
TANKARD – Maniac forces
SAMHAIN – To walk the night
KAS PRODUCT – Black & noir
ALAIN Z KAN – Metallic dead
Mixtape selected by Rod / FLUOGLACIAL


The Legendary Tigerman - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

Suicide – Ghost Rider
The Cramps – Garbageman
Paul Jones – Goin´Back Home
Sir Victor Uwaifo – Igboroho
Link Wray – Comanche
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – BellBottoms
Outkast – Idlewild Blues
Buddy Merrill – Busy Bee
Yma Sumac – Malambo #1
Katie Lee – Will to Fail
Serge Gainsbourg & Nico – Strip-Tease
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – xxxx
Saul Williams – Black Stacey
Bob Peck – Sweet Sixteen
Trashmen – King of the surf
April Stevens – Teach me Tiger

Nouveau titre exclusif de The Legendary Tigerman feat. Peaches remixé par Eckman sur la compilation d’Alter-K, Seriously, Eric? #4 disponible sur iTunes Store
Visuel : JB Mondino

SHIKO SHIKO : Exclusive Mixtape

Shiko Shiko - Exclusive Mixtape (2012)

01) Polysics – Lookin’ Lookin’ Gaa
02) Clara Clara – One on One
03) The Polyphonic Spree – Section 7 : Hanging Around The Day
04) Mimas – La Moustache Formidable
05) They Might Be Giants – Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We had a deal
06) Women – Shaking Hands
07) Death by Panda – Off The Train
08) Two Left Ears – JayDivas
09) Divine Styler – Touch
10) Black Pus – Police Song
11) Slim Whitman – Rose Marie
12) King Crimson – Lark’s Tongue In Aspic Part II

Shiko Shiko sur Facebook & iTunes Store
Shiko Shiko sera sur la scène du 22 Ouest à 14h30 #printempsdebourges

ALTER K : Serious Mix for Le Musicassette

Alter K - Serious Mix (2012)

Selected and mixed by Olivier Rigout

1/ On the Air // Eddie Warner
2/ Chucky Monkey // Allegra
3/ Fido // The Byrds
4/ Chicken Thighs // Andre Williams
5/ Scoobee Doo // Les Baxter
6/ Fist City // Loretta Lynn
7/ Breakthrough (Atomic Rooster cover) // The Funkees
8/ Sweet Thing // Mick Jagger
9/ Be Mine // Lois Johnson
10/ Goodnight Tonight // Paul McCartney
11/ Lonnie’s Secret // Owusu & Hannibal
12/ Atoms & Axis // NZCA/LINES
13/ Dating Do’s // Lebatman
14/ (Wake Up And Move) Funk It // Eddy Rosemond
15/ Moja Mama // Videosex
16/ She’s A Hellcat (Eckman remix) // The Legendary Tigerman feat. Peaches
17/ Doctorin’ The House (The Upset remix) // Coldcut
18/ Sex With Strangers // Marianne Faithfull
19/ Glory // Sauvage
20 / Train Bleu // Jack Arel

Seriously, Eric? #4 out April 23rd, available HERE
Feat. Black Devil Disco Club, Legendary Tigerman, NZCA/LINES, Isaac Delusion, The Chap, Selebrities, Haight Ashbury, Alpine Decline, Câlin, Mi and l’Au…
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Photo : Lorea Marchand

GROUND ZERO : Le Disquaire Day Mix

Ground Zero - Le Disquaire Day Mix pour Le Musicassette (2012)

Gonjasufi – Rubberband
alt-J (∆) – Fitzpleasure
Daniel Rossen – Silent Song
Quakers Instrumentals – The Beginning
Angil And The Hiddentracks – Trish
Yellow Ostrich – Whale
Die Jungen – I’ve been Glad
Thee Oh Sees – Contraption / Soul desert
Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless
Sharon Van Etten – Leonard
Phantogram – Don’t Move
Tanlines – All of Me
Django Django – Hail Bop
Mount Eerie – House Shape
Etienne Jaumet – Satori 2
La Place Sainte-Marthe (75010 Paris) sera en ébullition samedi 21 avril prochain pour le Disquaire Day avec pas moins de cinq concerts successivement organisés! A partir de 14H, vous pourrez assister aux lives de Wild Horses, Saint Michel, Bumpkin Island (gagnants du concours inrocks lab), Blackfeet Revolution et The Aerial.
Ground Zero, follow Ground Zero on Facebook

VOSPER : Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette

Vopser - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

Andre Crom – No Sleep (Thyladomid’s Nightmare Remix) – Off Recordings
Remain – The Beast With Twin Backs (DC Salas Remix) – Clouded Vision
PigCity – The Message (Bubba Remix) – Zoo:Technique
Darabi – Player (Dub) – Items & Things
Frank Haag – Afraid Of Change – Get The Curse
F.E.X., Ron Costa – Acid Shaking – Poker Flat
Mark Henning – Moody Bastard
Maetrik – Acid Uprock – Regular
Red Axes – Tour de Chile – I’m A Cliche
The Countach – Shadows – Metis
Vosper – Release – Meant
Rework – Rework – Playhouse
Polar – Merge (Chloe remix) – Marketing Music
Cormac – Narcosa (Luke Solomon’s Dancing In The Dark remix) – WetYourSelf
Lewis Boardman – Red Light Lullaby – Souvenir Plus
Puresque – Reederwerk – Tresor
Niederflur – Prozessorlyrik – Snork Enterprises
Mihai Popoviciu – Sexy Spenders – International Deejay Gigolo

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MUNK : Sunglasses at Studio Mix

Munk - Exclusive Mix for Le Musicassette (2012)

01) The Barking Dogs – Mamarracho (Gomma)
02) El Diablo – Lost Chicitas (Polydor)
03) Hard Ton – In Living Colours (Toy Tonics)
04) Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s – Eric Zann Revisited (Gomma Dance Tracks)
05) Munk & Peaches – You Can’t Run From My Love (Classixx Remix) (Gomma)
06) Headman – Turning (Emperor Machine Special Extended Version) (Relish)
07) Audiojack – Stay Glued (Gruuv)
08) Cocolores – Vox (Exploited)
09) Bollow Bros – Hey Charly! (Munk Edit) (Fundoobit)
10) Madonna – Give Me All Your Luvin (The KDMS cover version) (White)
11) Munk – Rue de Rome (Cécile Remix) (Gomma Dance Tracks)

Munk on iTunes Store & Beatport
Gomma Records on Facebook, SoundCloud & Beatport
Thx. to Charlotte D. for Alex&Annie




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